Afro Yogi Kids

IF They can control their minds, they can control their Futures.

Welcome to Afro Yogi Kids

Because the world will tell them that they can't before it tells them that they can. We should let them be the judge of that.

Don’t you wish you knew how powerful your mind was at an early age? Our mind literally controls all of our actions and feelings. Black kids will be faced with plenty of hardships on their journey throughout life; from media influences, stereotypes, peer pressure, and daily stresses that many of us parents tend to overlook. 

Afro Yogi Kids was created to build overall confidence in the black child. From physical appearance, education and sporting purposes, anxiety and depression relief and help coping with past and possible future tough life events.  We want to create a can do attitude for our kids; because once our children can be at peace with themselves instead of letting  negative thoughts consume them, we will have a wealth of healthier kids in our community. Lets break the cycle of our generational curses.

"Mind control is at the
Root of my Black Power"

Afro Yogi Kids

What are the benefits of becoming an Afro Yogi Kid?

What We Offer


We are family and we definitely conduct our class as a unite.


Our yoga, dance, and games will keep the our Afro Yogis heart rate up and healthy.


Afterall, this is a kid’s yoga class and kids LOVE to have fun and we definitely bring it!

Mental Clarity

Don’t take for granted the stresses our kids deal with. Lets clear today’s troubles.


Meditation is the key. We teach our Afro Yogis how to stay on track and complete their goals and desires.


This is one of our biggest goals! We want all of our kids to understand the importance confidence.

Get with the Program!

... and become an Afro Yogi Kid! We have programs specifically tailored for:

Anxiety- Self Confidence- Depression- Trauma Coping- Test Preparations- Sporting Event Success- General Relaxation

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Phone: 347-280-3340
Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed